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If you own or manage a bar, hotel or restaurant that serves wine, investing in a wine decanter will be absolutely vital to the success of your premises. Likewise, if you enjoy drinking a glass of wine at home or you want to buy a gift for someone that does, unique wine decanters are a must-have purchase. Read more…

Unique Wine Decanters Online

Decanting your wine allows the flavours in it to ‘breathe’ and develop, which maximises its taste and makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience. The science behind this process is that the pouring of wine onto a decanter increases the surface area of the wine, allowing air to intermingle with the liquid and release the full flavours of its ingredients.

A Wide Range of Wine Decanters for Sale Online

Wine decanters come in all different shapes and sizes and are generally made from crystal or glass. At Barware and More, we have the most extensive selection of wine decanters for you to choose from. Both beautiful and eye-catching, any one of our decanters would greatly enhance your wine-drinking experience and that of your guests/customers. If you’re looking for a wine decanter set, we also stock some stunning sets that are made using the finest quality of materials. These sets feature beautiful decanters with glasses to complement the style of the decanter of wine. Suitable for both red and white wine, these sets look great behind a bar just as much as they do in someone’s living room.

Decanting Wine

While it is generally recommended that wine should be left to sit in a decanter to fully develop, you can speed up the breathing process by using a wine decanter aerator. An aerator forces air through the wine as it is poured through into a decanter, causing it to bubble. These bubbles force air to spread more quickly through the wine, therefore speeding up the overall breathing process. For great tasting wine that doesn’t lose its flavour, a wine decanter is the perfect solution.

Decanters improve red wine

Any red wine will benefit from the use of a red wine decanter, but they're absolutely essential for use with cheaper brands, which will tend to need far more aeration to make them palatable. Ironically, it is the cheaper brands that are decanted least, while exceptionally fine wines are given the luxury treatment. Given sufficient time in a decanter, even cheap wines can take on a more refined tone.

How wine decanters work

The secret behind wine decanter aerator action is in the shape. Decanters have been used since at least the time of Ancient Rome, but it was only about 600 years ago that the Venetians perfected the design of the modern wine decanter. The cleverness of the Venetian design is the way maximum surface area is available for oxygen to get to work. The long stem of the decanter neck helps to pull air in, and provided the decanter chamber is not completely filled, there will be room for the air to start reacting with the wine.

What makes wine decanters different

There are other types of decanters, but what is unique to wine decanters is the elongated neck, flowing graceful lines, and soft curves. They are diametrically opposite the square, rigid masculinity of whisky decanters.

Bigger is better

The ideal decanter for wine will have a capacity of between 800 ml and 1.25 litres, not including the neck. A high volume capacity makes for the best wine decanter because it allows a higher ratio of air to wine, and the temptation to overfill it is decreased.

The effect on the flavour profile

Referring to wine simply as fermented grape juice does no justice at all to the complexity of what wine really is on a molecular level. A combination of phenols, polyphenols, flavonoids, alcohol, carbohydrates, and other substances, wine is truly amazing. When air enters the decanter, a chain of microscopic reactions starts. The polyphenols will change shape, more flavonoids are unlocked, and the pH level will increase. Wine has naturally low pH levels, and aeration knocks the edge off the acidity to give the mellower, pleasant finish associated with decanter wine. Cheap coarse wines with a low pH should be given up to an hour in the decanter before serving, while more sophisticated wines will usually only need around 20 minutes. Red wines will be at their best if aerated at room temperature.

Red Decanter sets

When you are looking at wine decanters for sale, keep your eye open for a wine decanter set. This will give you matching accessories, so your glassware will have the right look, for an enhanced aesthetic impression. By serving your wine from a decanter, you really can't go wrong. It will always lead to an improvement in the quality and character of the wine.

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