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There is no better way to present and serve whiskey to your customers than from a beautifully cut, sparkling whiskey decanter. Read more…

Whiskey Decanters Online

It exudes a sense of elegance as well as sophistication, leaving guests to your bar in no doubt that they are in the company of a bar owner that values his/her customers. This wow factor can go a long way to creating the right impression for your bar making it easy to turn one-off visitors into regular customers. Using a glass whiskey decanter to present and pour whiskey in a bar has so many more advantages than one might first think.

Why invest in a decanter for whiskey for your bar?

Unlike the reasons for decanting wine, there is no reason from a tasting point of view that would dictate that whiskey should be decanted. Decanting wine allows air to circulate around the liquid causing its flavours to develop and mature, resulting in a finer tasting wine. However, with whiskey, the flavour does not develop to any great extent from being decanted. Instead, the reason bar owners all across Australia invest in decanters for whiskey is generally from an aesthetic point of view. As the most trusted supplier of barware, fixtures and accessories to those in the bar trade; we’ve got a wide selection of whiskey decanters on sale online. So whether you’re looking for crystal, glass, wooden decanters or metal decanters to fit in with your current collection of barware, you’ll find exactly what you need from our online store. We strive to offer the best quality whiskey decanters online at affordable price points so bar owners and managers don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding whiskey decanters for sale that don’t break the bank. Our collection also features some of the most striking whiskey decanter sets that include a whiskey decanter, matching tumblers and a beautiful tray on which to place them on. This type of set would really add a little something to your bar counter, leaving a lasting impression with your customers.

Whiskey decanters make your favourite drink better

Every batch of whiskey has a unique signature that's in part determined by the process of its manufacture, and in part by the maturation it's given once it leaves the still. That's what makes every bottle somewhat special. Whiskey will always have a softer signature than scotch because it's not malted. That means it needs a little something before you drink it, just to make sure that every note hits the right accent. Fortunately that something is as free as the air you breathe. In fact it is air. Shot glasses are for college kids and tequila drinkers. Whiskey glasses are made to get air into the glass so it can get to work on those phenols and unlock the flavours for you. Unless you're very patient, or drinking a very expensive and well matured whiskey, even the air from the glass won't be enough to reach perfection. That's where a whiskey decanter steps in, and everyone knows (or should know) decanter whiskey tastes just that much better. Once you've sampled the difference, there's no going back. Every golden drop will sing in perfect harmony, just the way it is supposed to.

Not all decanters are the same

You can't pour whiskey into any just any decanter and expect a perfect result. A wine decanter, for example, will give you far too much air too quickly. Instead of being more mellow, the whiskey would simply become less potent. Decanters for whiskey are designed to limit the total amount of air that reaches the whiskey. They have a shorter neck and should be filled more close to capacity (leaving just a little room). They can also be made from a larger diversity of materials, because the production of whiskey is different from that of wine, and different from scotch as well. The most common type, of course, is the glass whiskey decanter. You can also find wooden decanters and metal decanters. Each of these materials will affect the outcome in different ways. The type of glass, metal, or wood is also important.

For ultimate convenience, shop online

Shopping the old fashioned way for whiskey decanters on sale just doesn't make sense now that it's so easy to buy whiskey decanters online. Even if you are just driving around and you see some kind of antique whiskey decanter for sale, it's probably not a good idea to purchase it for anything other than a decoration. In the old days, people used harmful substances such as lead when making their decanters. Nowadays we know better, and modern decanters are made from only safe materials. Play it safe and choose a new whiskey decanter, so you can be sure it's not made with any lead. You can still get that antique look in a modern decanter, but you won't have worries. Add value to your purchase by buying a whiskey decanter set, so that everything matches for perfect presentation.

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