Scotch Decanters

Scotch is a type of whiskey and is one of those drinks that is loved all over the world. Favourite brands of scotch include Johnnie Walker and The Famous Grouse and Glenlivet. Read more…

Scotch Decanters Online

If you have scotch drinkers that regularly visit your bar, it’s important to give these customers the best possible experience. How can you make their scotch-drinking experience in your bar better than what they’d receive elsewhere? By presenting their favourite tipple in the most beautiful scotch decanter in Australia, that’s how! As with most businesses in the hospitality industry, it’s the finer details that customers notice and appreciate the most so don’t overlook the benefits that can be achieved from investing in a top quality crystal scotch decanter or scotch decanter set.

A Wide Range of Scotch Decanters on Sale Online

As Australia’s top supplier of barware, glassware, fittings and all kinds of accessories for those in the bar trade, we’ve got a wide selection of scotch decanters for you to choose from. So whether you need a scotch bottle decanter for an upcoming function or you want to invest in a scotch decanter set of crystal that will last you for years, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

What To Look Out For Before Placing An Order

Before you buy a scotch decanter online, there are two main things to take into consideration;
  • The first is the seal. Make sure that there is an airtight seal on the decanter as it will prevent air from escaping and entering the container.
  • The second thing to take note of is size as you should make sure that the decanter can hold a full bottle of scotch.
At Barware and More, our scotch decanters are available in many different shapes and sizes and are generally made from either glass or crystal. While you could choose a regular scotch decanter for sale, why not choose something a little extra special from our range to really impress your scotch-drinking customers? We pride ourselves on the quality of our decanters so you can be assured that the product you receive will be in perfect condition when it arrives to you. Browse our full selection of decanters as well as our other barware product lines and order directly from our site.

Increase your enjoyment

Whisky is intended to be sipped, which is why the preferred way to serve it is in a lowball glass. This allows slight aeration to take place in the glass as you drink, so the last drop should taste somewhat different to the first. Whisky, however, doesn't need anywhere near as much aeration as wine, which is why a scotch decanter has a very different shape and character. That masculine square cut and short neck with close-fitting stopper are designed to provide much slower aeration, so the whisky can mellow just enough without losing any flavour. Served from a scotch decanter set, whisky is noticeably better. Anyone telling you differently is certainly no connoisseur.

Using a decanter creates a good impression

When you serve your whisky from a crystal scotch decanter, it is most assuredly a better look. The weight of the decanter will help you achieve a more accurate pour, and it's a statement that you're not trying to impress anyone with fancy labels. Strangely enough, that makes it all the more impressive. The best impression will be achieved if you use a crystal scotch decanter set. This way the additional glassware and any other included accessories will complement the look of the decanter.

You can now buy scotch decanters online

Just a few years ago, the only way to get a decanter would be to go out and look for one. After a few hours of visiting different shops and not finding a suitable scotch decanter for sale, you probably would be inclined to relent and purchase an inferior style. That problem is confined to the past, as it's now very easy to browse, shop, and buy a scotch decanter online. This is far more convenient and saves you a lot of bother. Especially by not having to deal with sellers trying to influence your decision. It could not be any easier to browse through the range of scotch decanters on sale, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. You'll be amazed at the huge variety and high quality which is available.

Never serve whisky from a bottle again

A true gentleman simply does not pour from a scotch bottle. Decanter scotch is smoother, tastes better, looks better, and confers an air of worldliness and sophistication upon you. Whether hosting a gathering of close friends or setting up an important business deal, pouring scotch from a decanter shows you are someone who puts thought into their actions. Bottles are for storage, decanters are for serving. So, when the occasion calls for scotch (and what occasion doesn't?), a decanter will improve your experience in many ways. The simple fact is, when you pour from a bottle, you look like a bar man. When you pour from a decanter, you look like a king. We offer free shipping worldwide so you can have your order delivered directly to your door. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you want to talk to a member of our team, give us a call today on (08) 6102 0366 and we’d only be happy to help you find the perfect scotch decanter for your barware collection. Barware and More also specialises in selling wide range of Decanters including Wine Decanters, Whiskey Decanters, Crystal Decanters, Glass Decanters, Bourbon Decanters, Liquor Decanters & Port Decanters along with a stylish collection of bar accessories & tools at best prices. ...Hide Content