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The storing and serving of port using a port wine decanter set is an age-old tradition that goes right back to the time of the great explorers who travelled from one unknown country to the next, breaking new ground and expanding their borders wherever they landed. Read more…

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Aboard those great exploring ships were always copious amounts of port, stored in some of the most beautiful port decanters, befitting the great captains of these ships. If you’re looking for a port decanter that resembles the old style flair of what were once good enough for the great explorers, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Barware and More, the leading supplier of accessories, fittings and fixtures to those in the bar trade.

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Port decanters and port decanter sets are an essential part of any bar’s glassware collection. The decanting of port is for more than just presentational reasons. As port is a form of wine, it requires aeration so that it can be enjoyed at its very best. The circulation of air through the port allows the tannins in the liquid to develop and so the flavour can bubble along the tongue when tasted. A bottle of port will also always have an element of sediment at the bottom that will have to be separated before the port is served and consumed. By decanting the port into one of our port decanters, you can remove that sediment and give your customers a more enjoyable port-tasting experience. Many of our decanters are available as one part of a port wine decanter set. In your set you’ll get a beautiful port decanter with matching port glasses all presented on an eye-catching port decanter tray for full presentation value. Each port decanter set for sale on our website is sure to grab the attention of your customers. Whether you choose a port decanter set in crystal or a vintage inspired set, you can be sure that the quality of the product you receive is the best in Australia. And, as is the case with all businesses in the hospitality industry, it’s the little things that can make a difference to one-off customers becoming regulars. Decanting is an essential step As a fortified wine, the strong flavours of port mean decanting in a port decanter is not only desirable, but essential for achieving the smoothest finish. Decanting knocks the edges off the flavour profile, resulting in a superior taste and texture. You will capture all the highlights without an overpowering wine body. Even when the port is being used for some other purpose than drinking, proper aeration in a port decanter is a good idea.

How port decanting works

Decanting is necessary for most styles of port, especially vintage port, with the possible exception of tawny port. The reason tawny port doesn't need decanting is because it is a cheap and youthful port style, rarely containing sediment and its structure doesn't support quick oxidation. That's not to say tawny port won't look better served from a decanter, it's just that it doesn't need to be. Tawny port should also be served much colder than other ports to provide the best flavour. Somewhere around 10 degrees centigrade would be ideal, which certainly isn't the case for vintage ports. What happens when you pour the port into the decanter is rather complicated. First things first, it should be done correctly. That means a very slow pour, and because a good vintage port may contain higher levels of sediment than you'd probably expect, using a funnel and filter to can be a good idea. Once the port is out of the bottle and in the decanter, don't immediately fit the stopper (unless it is tawny port, in which case it won't make much difference). Instead, allow a little more time to pass. The reason for doing this is to allow some of the ethanol to evaporate. Meanwhile oxygen will be working on a molecular level to break down some of the harsher phenols and polyphenols, unlocking more aromatic flavonoids. There's a lot of other complex reactions taking place as well, with complicated scientific names like "polymerization", but what they all add up to is a smoother taste.

Buying port decanters

Knowing the right technique for decanting and understanding the process is a good start, but choosing the right decanter is the most important thing by far. You'll want to be looking for a port decanter set where the base of the decanter is quite wide and the neck is relatively long compared to the base. Of course you will always get better value buying a port wine decanter set compared to buying all of the glassware items and accessories (such as the port decanter tray) individually. It can be tempting to buy the first decanter set on sale that you see, but it's better to look at a few different styles and make sure you are happy with the design you choose.

Better convenience when you buy online

You may not have known how easy it is to browse and buy port decanters online, but it is amazingly simple. It's also far more convenient than traipsing around shops trying to find what you're looking for. When you buy port decanters online, you have no hassles about parking, waiting for service, or being pressured by pushy sales people. You just find a nice port decanter set for sale and a few mouse clicks later you will own it. You couldn't get a more convenient shopping experience than that.

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If you can’t find a port wine decanter for sale on our website that ticks all of your boxes, reach out to us today and we’d be happy to help you. We make it easy for customers to find and buy port decanters online through our website, and we do it better than any other company in Australia. So if you’re looking for a specific port decanter set for sale or you need to get a port decanter set on sale for an affordable price, give us a call on (08) 6102 0366 and we will do our best to help you find the perfect one for you. Barware and More also specialises in selling wide range of Decanters including Wine Decanters, Whiskey Decanters, Crystal Decanters, Glass Decanters, Bourbon Decanters, Liquor Decanters & Scotch Decanters along with a stylish collection of bar accessories & tools at best prices. ...Hide Content