Liquor Decanters & Sets

If you need a more unique way to store or serve liquor in your bar, a liquor decanter set is the solution you’re looking for. Read more…

Liquor Decanters Online

Such a set contains a liquor decanter and matching glasses or tumblers and there are many different shapes and styles available including round and square cut decanters. All of the decanters available on our site come with various spouts so your choice will come down to personal preference and which kind of drink you wish to use it for. Liquor decanters are generally made from glass or crystal with stunning cut or etched patterns that make them a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any bar’s glassware collection. Most customers will agree that getting their favourite tipple served from a crystal or glass liquor decanter is so much better than it coming straight from the bottle.

Investing in a Liquor Decanter for your Bar/Hotel/Restaurant

Unlike wine, which is decanted in order to open up and develop the flavours, the taste of liquor does not generally greatly benefit from being decanted. In addition, wine is decanted so as to separate the sediment from the wine but there is no such sediment present in liquors. That said; whilst investing in a liquor decanter for your bar, hotel, or restaurant isn’t necessary in terms of how the drink will taste, investing in a nice set will make a huge difference to how your customers feel when ordering a round of whiskies or brandies. Regardless of which decanter you choose from our collection, you will receive a product that’s highly practical. With their heavy glass or crystal construction and wide, flat bases, they are much sturdier and less likely to spill than their glass bottle counterparts. Intricate patterns and the high shine of our glass and crystal liquor decanters for sale is what sets our products apart from other retailers.

Make it a special occasion

Add that little extra dash of class when serving drinks by making use of a liquor decanter. When a liquor decanter set is brought out, it turns any occasion into a special occasion. There's just something more dignified about liquor served from a decanter.

Liquor Decanters can improve the drink

Making the service more elegant is not the only reason to use a glass liquor decanter. Many drinks benefit from a little bit of aeration before serving, and the decanter helps with this process. It takes some of the sharpness off and allows more flavonoids to be released, so your drinks have a better aroma and taste.

Choose the right Liqour decanter

There are many different kinds of liquor decanters for sale, and it's important to make sure you get something that's suitable for what you're serving. Also be careful not to mistake a wine decanter for a liquor decanter, because there are considerable differences. A wine decanter provides far too much aeration for most liquors, so make sure you can identify genuine liquor decanters on sale, because you wouldn't benefit at all by serving liquor from a wine decanter. Of course the opposite is also true. Liquor decanters don't provide enough aeration for wine, so you shouldn't use a liquor decanter for wine.

Buying a set will give you the best value

It's possible to buy decanters, glassware, and accessories separately, but that's not the best way. Buying a liquor decanter bar set ensures that you get a totally professional look with everything matching properly. This will also work out at a lower cost than purchasing each item individually. When you factor in the extra packaging, shipping costs, and other such things, it's a lot easier for manufacturers to sell products as a set, and they fix their prices to encourage buyers to go for sets rather than individual items.

Shop online for greater convenience

It's so much easier to shop now than it was a few years ago. No longer are we forced to wander around shops in search of the things we need, nor do we have to deal with the hassles of parking or using public transport. Online shopping lets us buy anything we like from anywhere we like, whenever we like.

Liquor decanter sets make perfect gifts

When you're just not sure what to buy for someone, liquor decanter sets are an easy gift that will always be well received. It's a sensible choice that you can't really go wrong with. The wonderful diversity of decanters available means you can take your time to choose a style that suits the recipient perfectly.

Decanters are also decorative

Besides their practical use for decanting, liquor decanters are also ornamental items that add to the ambience of a room. The different shapes and styles available can make them an interesting addition to your existing décor.

Liquor Decanters on Sale

As Australia’s only complete and dedicated supplier of barware with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, you can be assured that all our products are the best quality possible. If you are looking for a stunning liquor decanter bar set, you must check out our stunning and varied range on this page. If you can’t find a liquor decanter set for sale that ticks all the boxes for you, give us a call on (08) 6102 0366 and we will do our best to help you find what it is that you are looking for. Barware and More also specialises in selling wide range of Decanters including Wine Decanters, Whiskey Decanters, Crystal Decanters, Glass Decanters, Port Decanters, Bourbon Decanters & Scotch Decanters along with a stylish collection of bar accessories & tools at best prices. ...Hide Content