Glass Decanters

Bar owners and managers all over Australia are realising that serving alcohol from glass decanters is the secret to making a positive and long lasting impression on their customers, both new and old.Read more…

Wine Glass Decanters Online

If you want to let your customers know that you care about them enough to enhance their drinking experience by investing in the most beautiful wine glass decanters and liquor decanters in the country, we’ve got exactly what you need.

A Huge Range of Glass Decanters to Choose From

Our glass decanter sets online will make the perfect addition to your barware and are the ideal type of glassware to highlight the ambience and overall atmosphere of your bar. Our range includes glass decanters that feature clean lines in terms of design. All of our products are also both stylish and highly practical. We stock a range of glass decanter sets for sale with each set including a glass wine decanter and matching glasses. Some also include a beautiful presentation tray on which to place the decanters and glasses together. An important thing to remember when purchasing a glass decanter is that not all decanters are the same size so it’s important to choose wisely. Take note of the size of the bottle(s) that you will be storing in your decanter and choose an appropriate size.

Beautiful Glass Decanters & Sets

Glass decanters make a beautiful addition to any bar countertop and are a unique way to highlight your spirits, wines and liquors in a classy and sophisticated way. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes with the design generally down to the type of alcoholic drink they will be storing. For example, a glass wine decanter is usually wide bottomed while a whiskey glass decanter is generally more squared in design and comes with a glass stopper. The differences in the design is down to the purpose of the decanter as a wine decanter is used to aerate wine and separate it from the sediment while a whiskey decanter is used for aesthetic purposes. Using a glass decanter is the best way to show your guests that you’re committed to providing them with an impeccable service.

Have trouble finding the right set for you? Get In Touch!

If you are looking to buy glass decanters or glass decanter sets but you can’t find something that you think will be suitable, get in touch with us as we’d love to help you out. Once you’ve found something that you think will make the perfect addition to your current glassware collection, you can place your order directly with us through our website and have your order delivered direct to your door with free shipping worldwide. Glass decanters for beauty, style, and atmosphere There are a few exotic decanters out there made from materials like ceramic, metal, and wood, but the most widely used material is glass, mainly because it looks more elegant.   There are two main variations within this category, which are the regular glass decanter and crystal glass decanter (usually shortened to just "crystal decanter").   Then there are styles, and again there are two main types, which are the glass whiskey decanter and glass wine decanter.   A whiskey decanter is used for many different types of drinks having a high alcohol content by volume (ABV), it does not necessarily have to be used for whiskey. For port and red wine, a glass decanter is pretty much essential. White wine can be decanted before serving, though it is more usual to use a carafe in this case.  

How to properly decant and serve wines

Red wine can be moved to the decanter anything from one hour to 20 minutes prior to serving, depending on the quality of the wine (cheaper wines will normally need longer aeration time). Ports generally need less time in the decanter, as the primary reason to use it in this case, apart from aesthetics, is to allow some ethanol evaporation to occur, so the port flavours will be intensified and unmasked.   White wines, unless they have a very high alcohol content, should be decanted or carafed immediately prior to service.   It's also important to make sure you serve your wines at the right temperature, because all the aeration in the world won't help if the temperature is off. When pouring to the decanter, do it as slowly as possible to increase aeration and keep sediment to a minimum. You can even filter the wine as you decant it if you wish.  

Buying glass decanters

The first step, of course, is to know which type of decanter you want to buy. You can get better value for your spending by looking for glass decanter sets on sale. When you buy glass decanters as part of a set, you get matching glassware, and sometimes a tray with accessories included.   For more convenience, buy your glass decanter sets online. This way you don't have to worry about parking, walking from shop to shop, or dealing with pushy sales people.   Even if you enjoy a good haggle, the trouble you have to go to when buying offline is not worth the effort. Buying online is so much simpler and you can view more different products in less time. When buying decanters, whether they are regular glass or crystal, look for designs that are aesthetically pleasing and also strong. A good strong decanter will last for hundreds of years, as long as it is handled appropriately. Barware and More also specialises in selling a wide range of Decanters including Wine Decanters, Whiskey Decanters, Crystal Decanters, Liquor Decanters, Port Decanters, Bourbon Decanters & Scotch Decanters along with a stylish collection of bar accessories & tools at best prices. ...Hide Content