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Benefits of Buying Decanters Online

Bar owners and managers all over Australia are realising the huge benefits that come with investing in top quality decanters. What were once an accessory that was mostly seen in top class hotels and the homes of the rich, decanters have become hugely popular and can be seen in a wide range of busy bars across Australia. Read more…
As a company that strives to provide all kinds of top quality and affordable barware and accessories, we offer our customers a wide range of decanters online. Think about what you’d like to store in your decanter and choose from the following:
  • Wine decanters
  • Scotch decanters
  • Whiskey decanters
  • Port decanters
  • Glass decanters
  • Crystal decanters
  • Bourbon decanters

What’s the purpose of a decanter?

Decanters are perfect for use with many different types of drinks and spirits such as whiskey, cognac, scotch, port, bourbon and all types of wines. The reasons behind why we decant drinks are varied but generally wines are decanted in order to separate the sediment from the bottle and to allow the wine to ‘breathe’. Allowing it to develop in this way is said to improve the taste, making the end product so much more enjoyable. For spirits and liquors, there are some who say that the taste is improved through decanting. However, for the most part, decanting these types of drinks is as much for the experience of pouring and presenting the drinking than anything else.

Buying a decanter or a decanter set online? Here’s What You Need to Consider

When it comes to choosing a decanter tray set for your bar, there are two major things to look out for;
  1. A tight seal. You need to make sure that the decanter you choose is airtight and doesn’t allow air escape or enter. All of our products are made using the best quality materials with air tight seals so you don’t have to worry about making a poor decision when shopping with us.
  2.  Next, you need to be sure that the decanter you choose is big enough. Think about what drink you’re going to store in it and the millilitres that are in that bottle. A typical bottle of liquor is 750ml so that will give you a ball park figure to work with.

Why a decanter is necessary

If you don't mind appearing completely uncultured, go right ahead and serve red wine or scotch whisky direct from the bottle. Every true connoisseur, however, knows that decanting is an important step in the serving process. A decanter helps improve the flavour profile of the substance it contains by allowing the proper degree of aeration. The difference it makes is subtle but important in providing maximum enjoyment. Brandy, and cognac can benefit slightly from decanting, but the main reason here is to improve the aesthetics of the presentation. That's actually the best reason of all to use a decanter. It just looks better, and takes the nonsense of brand snobbery right off the table.

Which decanter style should you choose?

There are many different styles of decanters for sale, and the best decanter for your needs depends on what you are going to serve from it. Wine decanters are typically round with a long fluted stem to encourage maximum aeration. The bulbous base provides a large surface area for the oxygen to do its work. The external decoration for wine decanters tends to be minimal, with flowing graceful lines being the preferred style. This provides a clear view, allowing you to see if any sediment has not settled to the bottom of the vessel. Whisky decanters are usually square cut and made from thick glass which is richly decorated, in some cases even including metals such as gold, silver, or platinum into the exterior design. The neck of a whisky decanter should be much shorter than that of a wine decanter, because aeration for whisky is different to aeration for wine. The usual rugged masculine look of a whisky decanter puts it in stark contrast to the graceful lines of a wine decanter. You should not use a whisky decanter for wine or a wine decanter for whisky. Brandy and cognac are often sold in decanter shaped bottles. Decent brands won't need much aeration, or any at all. Cheaper brands may benefit from a little aeration, and you can either use a special brandy decanter (which may be square or clam shell shaped) or a whisky decanter.

Decanter sets

Purchasing a decanter set ensures all your glassware matches the design of the decanter. This creates a more pleasing presentation, so it is worth the additional investment. If you really want to go all in, consider buying a decanter tray set, which will often have the tray engraved with the same pattern as the glassware and decanter. When choosing a decanter tray set for sale, remember to think about the size of the surface area where you are going to be keeping it. A decanter with a tray and matching glassware is certainly the best look when serving drinks that benefit from decanting.

Buy your decanters online

You can buy decanters online directly from us. We have an impressive range of decanters on sale, and you are sure to find something suitable, no matter the type of decanter you are looking for. You'd be hard pressed to find a better selection of decanters online, and you can buy with confidence because all our products are packed and shipped with the utmost care.

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