Crystal Decanters

When it comes to choosing a decanter set for your bar, a crystal decanter set is a fantastic choice to make. With its sparkling shine and perfectly etched designs, a crystal decanter with matching crystal glasses is a real showstopper for all bar counter-tops. Read more…

What can crystal decanters be used for?

Crystal decanters can be used to store and serve many different types of wines, spirits and liquors and they come in many different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a crystal wine decanter, you may note that their design is slightly different to that of a crystal whiskey decanter for example. This is because the purpose of a crystal wine decanter is to allow the wine to breathe and for its flavours to develop and enhance. The wide, bulbous design of these decanters and the fact that they generally don’t come with a stopper allows for an aeration process that’s required to release the full flavours of a wine. A crystal whiskey decanter will, on the other hand, have a slightly different design, as it does not need to provide for such a breathing process. The use of decanters to store and serve whiskey is generally for aesthetic reasons only.

Crystal Decanter Sets

If you want more than just a decanter, we do stock crystal decanter sets that come with a decanter and matching glasses or tumblers, both of which are beautifully presented on an elegant tray. Your customers that enjoy a nice glass of whiskey will appreciate getting it served from a crystal whiskey decanter set, which makes an investment like this a no-brainer for bar owners throughout Australia.

Crystal decanters – the best way to serve drinks

No matter what kind of unmixed drink you're serving, it will always look better when served from a crystal decanter. Matching your glassware with a crystal decanter set is even better.

Difference between crystal and glass

Crystal may look similar to ordinary glass, but there are some very important differences. In the old days, crystal was made by adding lead oxide to glass. Fortunately today much safer oxides are used, including barium and potassium. This is why when you should always buy new crystal. The addition of these metal oxides makes crystal heavier than normal glass, and it has a higher strength, allowing some types of glassware to be made thinner. Even though it has higher tensile strength than regular glass, crystal may shatter more easily if dropped. Crystal also shatters more readily than glass in response to high frequency acoustics. As long as you're not serving your drinks in an opera house, you shouldn't really have to worry about this. But the reason it was mentioned is that crystal does this because it has a frequency of its own. If you (very gently) tap a crystal glass with a spoon, it will ring with a distinctly audible tone. Normal glass won't do that. Run a wet finger around the rim of a crystal glass and it will have a far more melodic sound than the flatulent squeak you'd produce from an ordinary glass. Crystal also refracts light differently, easily separating the spectrum of white light without the need for any additional trickery. These distinctions will help you verify that you have authentic crystal and not regular glass masquerading as crystal.

The use of crystal for decanters

Even though crystal products can be made more thin, when it comes decanters the usual practice is to make them very thick. The extra thickness plus the weight of the metal oxide makes the decanter heavy so it won't tip over easily. Obviously making it thicker will also increase the strength of it. Another advantage of that thickness is that it will help provide insulation from sunlight, which would spoil the quality and flavour of your drinks. This insulation is more important for a crystal whiskey decanter than it would be for a crystal wine decanter, because whiskey is generally left in the decanter for a longer time.

A beautiful and noble tradition

Fewer than 150 years ago, it would have been considered the height of crassness to serve any non-mixed drink without using a decanter. Nowadays many people skip decanting and simply pour straight from the bottle. It is still somewhat crass to pour from bottle to glass, but it's now socially acceptable to do so. You are always better off, however, to decant your drinks properly prior to serving them. It is a gracious way to serve, and will always improve the flavour if done correctly. Decanting red wine is still essential in creating the best result. It is not absolutely necessary to decant whiskey, but there is no doubt at all that it always looks and tastes better when served from a crystal whiskey decanter set.

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