Cocktail Tools

Cocktail tools for the most awesome parties

As we all perfectly know, the joyous and fun spirit of parties is largely created by the little things that we use to cook and to create various beverages. Read more…

Cocktail tools on offer

Cocktails generally represent a highly significant element of a truly great party, which is why it is exceptionally important to source the right cocktail tools.

As for now, our online store is happy to offer you numerous cocktail tools that fall into different categories. We hope you will find these tools useful, and we wish you the happiest time shopping and partying!

So, first of all, we invite you to check out the specific types of cocktail tools that are used to mix and stir liquids along with mashed fruits, herbs, and sugar. Our store offers you a variety of muddle sticks, cocktail muddlers and stirring spoons. Their design and materials may vary quite significantly, but still, they have a common feature: a top quality that guarantees long and satisfactory use.

Some additional cocktail tools that also will come in handy while making fruit-containing beverages include lemon mashers and cocktail strainers. These types of cocktail tools will let you work with fruits effortlessly and add the desired flavor to the beverage you make.

Surely enough, you also need some kind of a container or a reservoir where all the mixing and stirring will take place. For this purpose, we are glad to offer you different mixing cups ideal for making cocktails, and, along with them, such kind of cocktail tools as measuring cups – the latter will make it possible for you to take just the necessary amount of this or that ingredient.

Finally, the way your cocktails are decorated also matters. This is why our range of cocktail tools includes such items as martini picks and cocktail sticks that will surely make a difference.

Cocktail shakers you’ll adore

Cocktail shakers are well known worldwide as wonderful and highly convenient tools that allow mixing various liquids and creating astonishing beverages. They are also really helpful when it comes to cooling drinks by adding ice to them. Thanks to their mechanism, cocktail shakers make it possible for a drink to cool down quickly after intense shaking.

Cocktail shakers are known to humankind for a significant amount of time: historic evidence shows that the first written mentions of them can be traced back to the beginning of XVI century. Jars that physically resemble contemporary cocktail shakers were found by archaeologists and were labeled as artifacts from various periods before the Common Era.

These days, cocktail shakers are not less popular than they used to be. Having taken this factor into account, we made a decision to include cocktail shakers into our online store offer as we understand they are an indispensable part of any bar, no matter if it’s a dining establishment or just your very own home bar.

Cocktail shakers on offer

To provide you with the best barkeeper experience possible, we did our best selecting top quality cocktails shakers from the top manufacturers. As the result, our online store now includes cocktail shakers of various volume. All of them meet the professional requirements applying to this category of bar tools.

Generally speaking, all the cocktail shakers that are currently presented in our webstore are made of stainless steel – a hygienic and resistant material that is quite affordable and, therefore, available to a wide circle of customers. The product range of our cocktail shakers includes electrically operated models. Such an operation mechanism makes it significantly easier for you to shake the liquids and make just the perfect beverages. Basic AAA batteries are used as power sources for these cocktail shakers.
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