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If you don’t particularly like the thoughts of a whole lot of differently branded bourbons cluttering up your bar, why not opt to store and serve your bourbon in a bourbon decanter set?Read more…

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A bourbon decanter set comes with a beautiful glass or crystal cut bourbon decanter and matching tumblers, all of which are presented on a serving tray. Set on your bar or in the centre of a client’s table, a bourbon decanter set can perfectly offset the ambience and atmosphere of your bar, leaving a lasting positive impressions on your guests. This age-old method of storing and serving bourbon is fast regaining popularity and it is now common to see a stunning bourbon glass decanter set or bourbon crystal decanter set on many high-end bar counter-tops all across Australia.While there is an agreed opinion that storing bourbon in a decanter doesn’t have an effect on the taste or flavours of the liquid itself, pouring a glass of bourbon for someone from a sparkling decanter definitely has its benefits in terms of the overall drinking experience.

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When looking to buy a bourbon decanter set online, check out the beautiful selection of decanter sets available on our website. Here, you can browse through our range of decanters where you can choose to buy a bourbon glass decanter set or a bourbon crystal decanter that comes solo. A variety of styles and sizes are available, all of which feature stunningly cut and etched decanter stoppers. As Australia’s only complete and dedicated supplier of barware products with over 10 years’ experience, we know that you want glassware that looks good, is practical, and affordable too.

By combining these requirements and being totally in sync with what our customers want, we are proud to present to you our wide range of barware products, including this selection of beautiful bourbon decanter sets.

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Bourbon is not a drink that likes to be hurried. A good example of this is that there are more barrels of bourbon ageing in Kentucky right now than there are people. Bourbon making is a long slow process, steeped in tradition. The many years of maturation in oaken barrels is one of the very important traditions on the manufacturing side. On the consumption side, giving bourbon a bit of time in the bourbon decanter before serving is another important tradition. While decanting for bourbon is not the same serious business that it is for wine, a short amount of decanting will have some influence on the end result. Not a lot, because there's so much alcohol in bourbon that oxygenation does not get a lot of play time. What those who deny the efficacy of decanting bourbon overlook, however, is the benefit of evaporation. Ethanol masks the true flavours of the bourbon. It's no accident that top shelf bourbon brands such as Maker's Mark have bottles shaped almost identical to wine decanters. That long fluted neck and wide base are there for a good reason.

Maker's Mark is a 95 proof bourbon, which means it contains an above average ethanol quantity. Letting the contents aerate for a few minutes before serving will give it a more mellow profile and intensify the bourbon flavours.

High quality bourbon glasses are also similar in shape to a wine or brandy glass, with a wide base and concave top to help direct the aromas toward your nose. This, too, is to allow some aeration to take place while you're drinking. Ordinary bourbon doesn't come in special bottles like that, and some of it is aged improperly, giving a bourbon finish that has too much oak. In this case, you won't want to overdo the aeration because it will intensify the wrong points of the profile. That's why a standard bourbon decanter set has no resemblance to the glassware associated with wine. Square, chunky, and heavy-set, normal bourbon glassware isn't intended to increase evaporation too much. With the cheaper bourbons, the intention is in fact to mask the intensity of the flavour just a little with ethanol. There are, of course, exceptions to the general rule. Some very cheap and coarse bourbons are sold in fancy bottles, while one of the finest bourbons, Eagle Rare, is sold in a rather unpretentious plain glass bottle of standard shape.

Bourbon Decanter is what you need

For bourbons in the low to medium price range, nothing outshines the look of a bourbon crystal decanter set. There's a certain pleasure to be had by pouring from one, which shouldn't be overlooked. It adds an air of dignity and grace to the serving process. A bourbon crystal decanter is heavier and stronger than regular glass. It also provides better insulation. In fact, if your bourbon is stored anywhere that sunlight can reach it, you absolutely must keep it in a good thick crystal decanter to prevent spoiling.

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There are many good reasons to buy your bourbon decanter set online, but the most important one is that it's simply more convenient. No longer is it necessary to traipse all over town in search of a quality bourbon decanter set for sale. From the comfort of your own home or office, you can browse for a bourbon glass decanter set, and there are no worries about commuting, locating a place to park, finding a shop selling the right items, or dealing with pushy sales people. Buying online is definitely the smart way to do things now that it is so incredibly easy to do.

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